Shipwrecks of Lake Champlain

From the very first Native American occupation of this region, people have been using Lake Champlain for sustenance, warfare, commerce, transportation, and now recreation. It lies between the Adirondacks to the west and the Green Mountains to the east. Military control of the lake meant control of the surrounding regions. Later the lake was used for commercial purposes, shipping goods and products north into Canada and south to the Hudson River. Join us as we discuss these timeframes in Lake Champlain history.

With such active use of the lake, accidents were inevitable. Boats from every time period in history have been sunk, and not all of them unintentionally. The list of shipwrecks below is by no means exhaustive. These represent only a sampling of the sites strewn across the bottom of Lake Champlain.

Tugboat U.S. La Vallee

Wheelhouse of Tugboat U.S. La Vallee

Shipwrecks of Lake Champlain

* Sites with an asterisk are currently open (during summer months) as part of the Vermont Underwater Historic Preserves. They are open to the public, and accessible to any certified SCUBA diver.

18th Century Vessels

Revolutionary War Gunboat Spitfire
British Sloop Boscawen 

19th Century Vessels

War of 1812 Vessels: AllenEagleLinnet & Ticonderoga

Barge (Wreck OO)
Steel Barge (Wreck FFF)
Rouses Point Barge (Wreck WW)

Barge with Brick Load (Wreck GGG)

Port Henry Drawboat

Horse Ferry  *

Lake Schooner (Wreck SSS)
Lake Sloop (Wreck QQQ)
Lake Schooner Excelsior 
Lake Schooner Sarah Ellen
Lake Schooner Water Witch *

Ausable Point Pin Plat

Sailing Canal Boat General Butler  *
Sailing Canal Boat O.J. Walker  *
Sailing Canal Boat Troy (Wreck SS)
Sailing Canal Boat in Shoreham
Sailing Canal Boat (Wreck C) 
Sailing Canal Boat (Wreck UU)
Sailing Canal Boat (Wreck TTT) 
Sailing Canal Boat (Wreck UUU) 
Sailing Canal Boat (Wreck WWW)

Standard Canal Boat A.R. Noyes  *
Standard Canal Boat L.A. Hall (Wreck II)
Standard Canal Boat near Diamond Island, "Stone Boat"  *
Standard Canal Boat near Sloop Island (Wreck Z)  *
Standard Canal Boat Vergennes "Stove Boat"
Standard Canal Boat "Mule Wreck" (Wreck EE) 
Standard Canal Boats at Gourlie Point (Wrecks I4, J4, K4)
Standard Canal Boat (Wreck A4 & B4) 
Standard Canal Boat (Wreck F4) 
Standard Canal Boat (Wreck K7) 
Standard Canal Boat (Wreck P4) 
Standard Canal Boat (Wreck Q7) 
Standard Canal Boat (Wreck GG) 
Standard Canal Boat (Wreck JJ) 
Standard Canal Boat (Wreck LL)
Standard Canal Boat (Wreck YYY)
Standard Canal Boat (Wreck ZZZ)

Steamboat L.J.N. Stark (Wreck YY)

Steamboat Phoenix *
Steamboat Champlain II

20th Century Vessels

Airplane U.S. Army Aircraft Rescue Boat P-239 (Wreck E)
Airplane Republic Seabee

Missisquoi Bay Barges

Modern Powerboat (Wreck EEE)
Modern Powerboat Boat (Wreck JJJ) 
Modern Powerboat (Wreck KKK) 
Modern Powerboat (Wreck NNN) 
Modern Sailboat (Wreck DDD)
Modern Sailboat (Wreck MMM)

Tugboat U.S. La Vallee *
Tugboat Wm. H. McAllister
Diesel Ferry Roosevelt II


Brown's Brickyard
Great Bridge - Ticonderoga to Mt. Independence
Ore Bed Harbor mining remains
Pine Street Barge Canal Site