Archaeology & Research

Welcome to the research arm of Lake Champlain Maritime Museum!

Formed in 2000, our Archaeology and Research team is a reflection of our institution’s role in regional, national, and international archaeological research and policymaking as it relates to underwater cultural heritage.

Our talented team of archaeologists, conservators, and historians conduct high-quality and cutting-edge research and find new and exciting ways to connect the public with priceless cultural resources that lie underwater.

Our work stretches across several key areas of underwater cultural resource study and management as we:

  • Conduct archaeological projects on Lake Champlain and beyond
  • Ensure the preservation artifacts in our on-campus Conservation Lab
  • Assist the states of Vermont and New York in the management of shipwrecks on Lake Champlain, including those in the Vermont Underwater Historic Preserve System
  • Provide archaeological services to other organizations
  • Hold an annual Archaeology Field School and other courses for emerging underwater archaeologists and divers