Kayaking on Lake Champlain at sunrise


Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is building a healthy future for Lake Champlain. We connect people to our region’s history, ecology, and archaeology and create opportunities for hands-on learning that will last a lifetime. Through our work in water, on water, and underwater we inspire a new generation of leaders to shape the future for themselves and their communities.

Mission and History

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum opened its first building, a historic stone schoolhouse, in 1985 with the mission to preserve and share the cultural and natural heritage of the Lake Champlain region by connecting its past, present and future. Today the museum connects with our community with:

Education programs that empower thousands of learners of all ages each year to take action and make a difference in their communities. Students learn through experience on the water, build problem-solving and life skills in the boat shop, and become stewards of the lake.

Exhibits and historic boats that let visitors get hands-on with the history, ecology, and archaeology that ties the story of Lake Champlain to our larger shared history. Our 3-acre campus encourages adventure and discovery with multiple exhibit buildings, workshops, and a replica fleet including the 1776 gunboat Philadelphia II and the 1862-class canal schooner Lois McClure.

Research and collections that are driven by our world-class archaeologists who research, document, protect, and make accessible Lake Champlain’s underwater cultural resources. Through their ground-breaking work, the museum is able to conserve and present over 300 shipwrecks in the lake and 10,000 objects and archives in our collection.

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