Expedition Champlain

July 28–August 4, 2024
Ages 13–16
12 participants maximum, 2 trip leaders
Standard tuition: $1,475

This 8-day rowing expedition takes place on the stunning waters of Lake Champlain where we’ll row alongside some of the most beautiful mountain ranges on the East coast, sharing views of the Adirondacks and Green Mountains. Our days will be spent exploring the lake before reaching each campsite and setting up camp for the night. During this experience, participants will build confidence in the wilderness while learning new skills in outdoor cooking, navigation, leadership, rowing techniques, sanitary practices, shelter set up, and Leave-No-Trace principles. Join us on this expedition through Lake Champlain and bring home valuable experiences that will prepare you for your next adventure.

We will be rowing in 32′ pilot gigs (built right here, at the Museum!), which are large traditional open-water rowing boats crewed by 6 rowers and a coxswain (captain). Teamwork and a positive attitude are essential on this expedition as we must communicate and work together to successfully power these boats. Learning to be a contributing member while on trail presents its own challenges that will require patience. This expedition emphasizes responsibility, engagement, and leadership as we confront daily demands and develop group dynamics. This expedition is perfect for you if you’re looking to “pull hard” this summer, explore Lake Champlain, become a skilled rower, learn advanced wilderness skills, and find a true team of friends. 

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The Outdoor Expedition Experience

This is a full-time outdoor experience that runs for multiple days. Expedition Champlain takes place rain or shine. In the event of high winds or lightning our group will stay on shore, otherwise each day we will work as a team as we travel by water and camp outside each night. We practice low-impact camping and there is little to no running water or bathroom access along the way. We live outside for the entirety of the expedition, sleeping in tents, preparing meals, and exploring. Each expedition member has to pitch in and work with your crew to set up camp, cook, clean up, break down camp, and rally each other along the way. 

We ask that all participants come prepared for this unique experience, our expeditions can be physically and mentally challenging but the rewards of overcoming those challenges together are worth it. Expeditions on Lake Champlain are truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at expeditions@lcmm.org