Steel Barge (Wreck FFF) VT-GI-29

Wreck FFF was a previously known site which was reported by the LCMM to the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation (VDHP) in 1998. This small steel barge lies in shallow water near Grand Isle. Based on information from a local informant, the barge was brought to this location in the 1970s with the hope that it would decrease erosion along an adjacent shoreline. It was also used as a dock by the property owner. The vessel’s structure is generally intact, although researchers noted that the I-beams supporting the deck were deteriorated, and the sides were stove in by ice. The barge’s approximate dimensions are 15ft (4.6m) in beam and 50ft (15.2m) in length. Deck features include bollards, cleats, and hatches. The barge’s construction suggests that it dates to the mid-twentieth century.

Photograph of the steel barge. Photo by A. Peter Barranco.

Please contact the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum if you have any additional information about this vessel.

Statement of Significance

Although Wreck FFF may be more than 50 years old, and thus not immediately excluded from inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places, it does not appear to meet any other National Register criteria.

Information Source: 
Adam I. Kane, Christopher R. Sabick and Sara R. Brigadier, Lake Champlain Underwater Cultural Resources Survey, Volume VI: 2001 Results and Volume VII: 2002 Results. Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, 2003.