Barge (Wreck OO)

Wreck OO (VT-AD-1135) was located during the 1999 sonar survey, and verified by ROV. The vessel is located in more than 200ft (61m) of water, buried in silt and weeds, leaving only about 12in (30.5cm) of hull exposed. The vessel appears to be a shallow draft barge that has scow ends and a generally rectangular shape. While composed of fairly substantial pieces of timber there is evidence of significant iron reinforcement. Both the bow and stern of the vessel have attachment rings on their flat surfaces where the barge could be attached to and towed by another vessel. Unfortunately, the very loose silt bottom and large clumps of weeds on the wreck made exploring the interior of the wreck impossible, and it remains unclear if the barge was carrying cargo at the time of its sinking.

Information Source: 
Adam I. Kane and Christopher R. Sabick, Lake Champlain Underwater Cultural Resources Survey, Volume IV: 1999 Results and Volume V: 2000 Results. Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, 2002.