Metal Arts

All metalworking workshops and classes are currently on hold, stay tuned for updates on offerings in the future!

Man works at a traditional 18th century style forge

History of Metal Arts at the Museum

Blacksmithing at Lake Champlain Maritime Museum began in 1989 during construction of the replica 1776 gunboat Philadelphia II. Since local hardware stores understandably do not carry fittings for Revolutionary War gunboats, our team had to create ironwork for the replica themselves. An 18th century-style forge was built on site, with a central stone chimney and hearth, a massive, hand-operated bellows of wood and leather hanging from the ceiling, and cast iron anvil secured in a sturdy stump.

Today, our metal arts and blacksmithing instruction spaces have grown to include the Rhinehart Blacksmith Center and the Metal Foundry as well as our 18th century-style forge. In these spaces, we have offered workshops on introductory blacksmithing, bladesmithing and casting to students of all ages and interest levels.