Modern Sailboat (Wreck MMM)

Wreck MMM was located during the 2001 side scan sonar survey and verified in November 2002. The vessel, which lies in deep water, is a small modern sailboat. The fiberglass-hulled boat is approximately 20ft (6.1m) long. The hull is characterized by an aft cockpit and a small cuddy-cabin forward. The sailboat’s aluminum mast is still standing, and the mainsail remains furled on the boom. No engine is apparent on the craft. Researchers were not able to locate a name on the transom or registration numbers. The lack of registration was not unexpected, as the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles does not require registration of vessels without motors. Overall, the condition of the vessel indicates that it sank in the last ten to twenty years, and that its loss was unintentional.

Please contact the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum if you know the circumstances behind the loss of this vessel.

Sonar image of Wreck MMM

Statement of Significance

Wreck MMM is not eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places because it does not meet the minimum 50-year threshold.

Information Source: 
Adam I. Kane, Christopher R. Sabick and Sara R. Brigadier, Lake Champlain Underwater Cultural Resources Survey, Volume VI: 2001 Results and Volume VII: 2002 Results. Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, 2003.