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Giant Lake Champlain Map

Meet the biggest, coolest, newest tool for your school: the Giant Lake Champlain Map! An accurate and detailed 35′ x 25′ vinyl map of our watershed, the giant map is designed to be a spatial and geographical learning tool for teachers and students. By interacting with and learning on the map, students of all ages will learn how where they live is connected to the lake and be inspired to take care of Lake Champlain. Lessons on the map can truly explore any aspect of the Lake Champlain Basin: history, water quality, geography, science, music, math, literature, and more.

The Giant Lake Champlain Map Project is a partnership between Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, Lake Champlain Basin Program, and Castleton University.

Video by Peregrine Productions

Opportunities for Educators

Experience the Giant Lake Champlain Map in person! Educators are invited to participate in the Giant Lake Champlain Map Stipend Program or request the giant map for their students. Learn more and use the contact form below to get in touch with us.

Request a Map Visit for your school

Teachers and education programs can now request a map visit! We will bring the Giant Lake Champlain Map to your school or outdoor space and guide your students in a group activity or lesson plan. Please fill out the form below to start the conversation.

Giant Lake Champlain Map Stipends

Help us develop lesson plans and curriculum for the giant map, and earn money! As part of the giant map project, we are offering $500 stipends to 10 educators who agree to:

1. Attend a virtual or in-person training. (30 min to 1 hr)

2. Create a curriculum unit based on the giant map. (2-4 pages using simple template)

3. Present their curriculum unit to students. (1 or more classes)

4. Share or teach this curriculum unit to colleagues at an in-person meeting or virtual presentation session. 

5. Demonstrate learning through a stewardship project with students.

Giant Map Activities and Lesson Plans

Lesson plans on the Giant Lake Champlain Map have endless possibilities. We recently worked with a group of local educators to brainstorm some ideas; here is just a sample from that day:

  • Zebra mussels
  • Follow a drop of water: Tributaries and sub-watersheds
  • Local place names and how they change
  • American history through landmarks, people, and events
  • Latitude and longitude
  • Canals and locks
  • Fish populations, movement, and dams
  • Mapping
  • Geography and geology

Giant Map Interest Form

Use the form below to contact us about the Giant Lake Champlain Map. Please use the comment box to indicate if you are interested in the Stipend Program or requesting the map.