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Welcome to the educator community and resource hub from Lake Champlain Maritime Museum! Our goal with this community is to give educators throughout the Lake Champlain Watershed a place where they can easily find high-quality, free content from non-profit organizations, federal agencies, schools, and other educators. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and bookmark this page to access all resources and past newsletters.


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  • Meet the Scientist: A video series by Lake Champlain Basin Program spotlighting some of the scientists in our region who are working to better understand the water quality, ecology, and history of Lake Champlain and its watershed.
  • Vermont Fish and Wildlife Fish Culture Station Video: A video with Bret Ladago, a fisheries biologist, as he explains what fish culture stations are and their importance.
  • Tour of Salisbury Fish Hatchery: A guided video tour of the Salisbury Fish Culture Station, which shows all of the different parts of the station in addition to explaining some background information about it
  • Fish Culture Station Worksheet: A worksheet to go along with the two above videos that will push students to think like a scientist and fill out a research permit application.

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