Champlain Longboats

The Champlain Longboats program is an innovative boat-building and open-water rowing program at Lake Champlain Maritime Museum that parters with regional schools and community organizations. The primary goal is to develop positive, healthy behavior in middle and high school students at a critical time in their lives by exposing them to the innate team / self esteem-building nature of boat building and rowing.

Initiated in 1999, Champlain Longboats has two distinct but interconnected pieces: the boat building program, an intense five-month project with up to 12 students participating five days a week, and our youth rowing and adult rowing programs which use the boats built by the students for in-school education, after school extra-curricular programs, and rowing clubs. Over 700 youths and 200 adults participate annually.

We accept boat donations which we use to help fund this program.

Champlain Longboats at Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is vital, far-reaching, and life-changing. I am full of gratitude for your vision and your quiet ability to make it real for so many to benefit from.

Tory Riley