Video Blog 2: Celebrating the 4th in Waterford

As a result of high water, we’ve returned to Waterford in time to celebrate the 4th of July. We’ll be open the following times:

Thursday, July 4th: 10-5
Friday, July 5th: 10-5
Saturday, July 6th: 10-8 Fireworks at 9pm (in conjunction with the Steamboat Meet)
Sunday, July 7th: 10-3 (in conjunction with the Waterford Harbor Farmer’s Market)

Stay tuned for an updated schedule!

2 thoughts on “Video Blog 2: Celebrating the 4th in Waterford”

  1. Richard Heilman

    We have high water too Most recent instantaneous value: 99.36 07-03-2013 22:00 EDT Create presentation-quality / stand-alone graph. Subscribe to WaterAlert

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    Daily gage height, feet — statistics for Jul 3 based on 99 years of record more Min (1941) 25th percen- tile Mean Median 75th percen- tile Most Recent Instantaneous Value Jul 3 Max (2006) 94.20 95.45 96.21 96.21 96.76 99.36 99.39

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