image of Lois McClure at dock.

From Lyons to Fairport, NY!

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Crewman Connor doshan reports they had a few long days of transit before arriving in Fairport, NY. They switched the tug to the starboard side of the Lois (had been on the Port or left side) before beginning our journey so we could easily dock on the left side of the canal in Fairport.

They traveled through five locks on their way to Fairport from Lyons. After arrival the crew took some time to themselves to unwind and rest a bit. Some of the crew walked on Erie Canal Heritage Trail.

Fairport, NY

Locks & Transits

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  1. I very much enjoyed visiting the Lois McClure a few days ago in Tonawanda. I see that the schedule shows it in Buffalo on Aug. 5 and in Middleport on Aug. 8. Could someone provide more detail about the transit times, e.g., the time and day it will be leaving Buffalo? I’d like to see the boat in motion on the canal and possibly going through the locks on Lockport.


    1. Post

      Hi Walter, departures are typically in the morning. Time is dependent on weather and logistics so there is no set time. I will see if I can reach the captain to find out.

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