image of Lois McClure at dock.

From Lyons to Fairport, NY!

lcmm Lois McClure

Crewman Connor doshan reports they had a few long days of transit before arriving in Fairport, NY. They switched the tug to the starboard side of the Lois (had been on the Port or left side) before beginning our journey so we could easily dock on the left side of the canal in Fairport. They traveled through five locks on …

Lois McClure in Amsterdam, NY

The Hottest Show in Town

lcmm Lois McClure

When you travel with the GlassBarge, you’re definitely traveling with the hottest show in town. The furnaces blast away at 2,100 degrees with molten glass, ready to be gathered on the end of a blowpipe and turned into amazing pieces of art. As you travel up the Erie Canal the glass blowers, also known as gaffers, are performing to sold …

Ship’s Log: Schooner Lois McClure, End of the 2017 Legacy Tour

Kris Jarrett Lois McClure

Matt Harrison Winter is in the air in Vermont and New York and the 2017 Lois McClure Legacy tour has come to a successful conclusion!  The canal boat made 36 stops in communities all along the canals, connecting the public to the history of their local waterways. Thanks to all of our friends who followed along online! As many have noticed, our …

Image of sunset in Buffalo, NY

Ship’s Log: Schooner Lois McClure, Tonawanda & Buffalo

lcmm Lois McClure

Erick Tichonuk, Tonawanda & Buffalo With the Niagara Escarpment and Lockport in the rearview mirror (just a figure of speech, we don’t have a rear view mirror on the canal boat), we set our sights on Tonawanda, gateway to the Niagara River.  Historically speaking the original Erie Canal and the Enlarged Erie didn’t utilize the Niagara River to access Buffalo, instead …

Ship’s Log, Schooner Lois McClure, Medina, NY

lcmm Lois McClure

Art Cohn, Medina, NY The original attraction of the location of the Village of Medina was the water-power of Oak Orchard Creek, which flowed with great potential for water-powered industries that soon were connected to the new Erie Canal. But it was the ancient sandstone deposits in Medina and surrounding communities that would ultimately become the community’s greatest engine of …

Ship’s Log, Schooner Lois McClure, Rochester & Spencerport, NY

lcmm Lois McClure

Rochester & Spencerport, NY After a great stop in Fairport the Lois McClure crew made the short trip to Rochester.  We went under the first of many lift bridges leaving Fairport.  With the Barge Canal expansion completed in 1918, wider and higher bridges were needed across the Erie Canal.  The low bridges of the old canal would no longer cut it. …

Ship’s Log, Schooner Lois McClure, Fairport, NY

lcmm Lois McClure

Erick Tichonuk, Fairport, NY Fairport has an active canal waterfront.  Every time we visit they have to reserve us space because of the popularity with boaters.  This is the result of a community embracing its waterfront.  They embrace the history, provide good boater facilities, and you’re in the heart of the action downtown.  The phenomenon of being downtown when on …