An evening at Ticonderoga

July 23

We anchored off of Fort Ticonderoga at about 4:30.  It was pretty hot.  It’s my first time on the boat and so far it’s been really fun!  Emily and I thought that Ticonderoga was the perfect spot to go swimming.

Molly Dunphy coming down from an attempt to scale the Lois
Molly Dunphy coming down from an attempt to scale the Lois

We were right.  A lot of us spent a good hour jumping off the bow and stern.  It was about 20 feet to the bottom and the water was the perfect temperature.  While having a race around the boat, I got a great idea.  Why not try to climb up the side of the boat using the big rope fenders?  So we spent the next hour and a half doing our best to get up to the deck.  We tried climbing up the rope, hooking our legs over the fenders, using our life jackets to give ourselves a boost, and even lowering a rope from deck to use as an extra hand hold.  Despite never quite getting up to the deck, we had a lot of fun and had a really great evening on the lake.

Molly Dunphy
Molly is a 9th grade student at CVU High School.  She has been volunteering at LCMM for two years, and this is her first trip on the Lois.

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  1. Molly, nice blog. Nice to meet you and Emily today when I brought my father to tour the Lois. Enjoy the rest of your time aboard!

  2. I wonder if Mary “Jacky” Faber would have had better luck scaling the side, Molly? Pirates must have done their pushups!

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