And we’re off!

July 25

Can’t believe it’s been four days since we left Basin Harbor. The Commissary (me) thanks all who have been so generous with goodies–Don for the fresh-picked blackberries (gone); Cindy for the blondies (gone); Sam for the very decadent chocolate cake (gone); Adam for the garlic and tomatoes (just ripe–BLT’s for lunch); Paul for the BEEF; and the folks at Whitehall for last night’s fantastic potluck dinner and for sending us home with the leftovers AND a batch of homemade oatmeal-peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies (three left).

Kathleen Carney
Kathleen and her husband Roger Taylor have been associated with the museum since sailing with Philadelphia II in 1992, and spend the rest of the year aboard a Dutch motor cruiser in France. Kathleen serves aboard Lois McClure as Commissary Officer.