Video Blog 1: Holding in Waterford

In our quest to provide everyone with as much of a real time experience as possible, we bring you our first video blog.

The Lois McClure is currently docked above lock E2 in Waterford, to avoid strong currents and high waters brought on by heavy rain in the Mohawk Valley. We’re working closely with New York State Canal Corps, and are working on revising the schedule to accomodate the weather days.

Stay tuned for more!

4 thoughts on “Video Blog 1: Holding in Waterford”

  1. Edwai La Point

    Sad weather waylaid plans and travels. Visited The Lois McClure on Friday afternoon 6/14.

  2. Bummer!  Seems to be the new norm, Waiting for flood waters to go down so The Lois can proceed safely.  Hope it doesn’t put too much of a kink in the schedule.   It’s usually in the fall that this happens.  I hope the whole summer is not like this!  See you in August, somewhere!

      Fair winds   Leo  


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