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Update: Flood Running

Early morning on the Mohawk
Early morning on the Mohawk (photo: Tom Larsen)

We did leave this morning right at first light, thanks to early morning work by the lock keepers. The tug has been holding up well, though we’ve been trying to limit the use of reverse (which has the potential to exacerbate the problem). The Oocher has been brought into service as the brakes, and we’re chugging along steadily.  So far the rain has been constant and increasing steadily.

Barbara Batdorf at the stove, with Kathleen Carney laying out breakfast on the table
Barbara Batdorf at the stove, with Kathleen Carney laying out breakfast on the table (photo: Tom Larsen)

It also had the good taste to hold off until about 7:30am – we’re grateful for every extra minute that gives us a chance to make a good safe port.  Kathleen and Barb have been keeping our energy up with hot food and drinks (we just finished second breakfast – ham and eggs!).  Our goal is to make it to lock E6 tonight – the top of the Waterford Flight.  Once we get to the flight, we are out of the Mohawk River.  Guard gates divert the flow of the river over dams when the river floods, and the flight is protected from the force of the water.  If we can make it to there, we won’t have to worry about being swept away!

The Churchill, back at work!
The Churchill, back at work (photo: Tom Larsen)

Tom Larsen
AB Crew

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  1. Bob Stopper, Lyons New York

    Congratulations to all of the crew and to those who assisted you…. We are watching your journey with admiration and envy!… Continued success to all!

  2. Thanks for the updates on the tugboat story as it unfolds. Good luck and best wishes as the water rises!

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