The Yellow Jersey

by Roger Taylor

When we came out the Erie in 2007, Charlie Copeland, in his red jersey, followed us for many miles on his bicycle. Charlie likes to ride the towpath, and when he discovered that there was an “old” canal boat traveling through his territory, he became a Lois McClure fan.

Charlie Copeland (photo: Roger Taylor)

If we were within a hundred miles of Rochester, the city near which Charlie lives, we would see his red jersey, hear his shouted greeting accompanied by a cheery wave, and notice that his camera was clicking. One day he showed us his album of terrific photographs of the schooner.

When we pulled into Geneva the other day, there was Charlie! He didn’t look any older, but he told me that his legs are giving out. Then he told me that he rode “only 7,000 miles” last year. Mercy. I did notice, however, that this year, Charlie is wearing the yellow jersey. Nobody deserves it more.

Roger Taylor

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  1. Bonjour mon capitaine,

    What a delightful story, Charlie is a true Tour de France champion at heart!

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