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As you know, this blog format is a new thing for us at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, as we have moved from our old format of Ship’s Logs.  Some of the writers really enjoy it, others are still dubious; but most importantly, we are wondering how all of you, our readers, feel about it!  Comments, criticisms, exuberant praises, suggestions for improvement?  Let us know – either by leaving a comment at the bottom of a post – or by sending an email to toml@lcmm.org.

We want to provide a way for others to enjoy the sights we see and people we meet, the wonderful generosity we receive — the experiences of the Lois McClure traveling on our shared waterways. Thanks for reading!

11 thoughts on “Notes from the Admin”

  1. Hi Tom,
    I enjoy the new format very much and think it is a nice
    improvement. It keeps us up to date sooner, and we get much more
    information about what is happening aboard on almost a daily
    basis. When we used the old format it was sometimes hard to remember
    exactly where and when something happened and who was involved.

    One of the things I find myself doing before I finish reading
    each posting is to scan quickly to the bottom of the article to see
    who has written it. This may be because I know most of the people
    who do write. Personally, I would would rather there was some way to
    put the name of the writer on top instead of bottom.

    Looking forward to being aboard soon.

    Best regards,

    1. I agree with the comment about putting the author at the top- I do the same thing, scroll to the bottom to check first.
      A good idea.

  2. I think the new blog format is wonderful. It’s so much more immediate, and it’s so enjoyable to read all the stories from different people on the trip. Easier to read, nice to be able to comment. Hopefully it’s easier for you, too.
    (Missed you at Rabble this year, Tom. I’m sure you heard how great it was! )

  3. I’m enjoying the new blog format. It is most helpful to receive the stories, descriptions, the humor, and the pictures, by email. I feel that I’m more in tune with what’s happening on the canal because I’m reading it every day. Last time I had to remember to go to the web site and pick out the logs.

    Here is one hand waving very high in the air in favor of the blog format!

    Happy, fun, and safe sailing.

  4. Personally, I preferred the old system. This year’s messages seem too fragmented; the “Ship’s Log” messages seemed meatier. In either case, I’d prefer a somewhat lower frequency of emails. It’s not that there’s too much to read, but personally I’d rather read it in fewer, if fuller, installments.

    1. It’s definitely a struggle to provide high quality posts without letting the timing slip (a prime example was the last blogs we sent out at the end of last year). However, if you prefer to get the blogs in batches, there’s a way to tell the blog to send you emails once a day or once a week even. On the right hand side, just under the title banner, there’s a bold statement that says “Email Subscription.” Under that, a sentence that says (or should say, if you are getting these in your email) “You are subscribed to this blog.” Directly beneath that should say “Manage” in blue. Click on that, and it will take you to a subscription management page, where you can choose how often you want to get updates (it should be a drop down menu). Hopefully this helps. Thanks for your input!

  5. Keep it coming, Tom. The blog is a good way to follow the Lois’ progress hear what the crew is doing.
    Don Dewees

  6. I’ve only read the blog version of the Lois McClure journey (not the ship’s logs), so I can’t compare the two formats. But I’ve really enjoyed the blog, especially because I can read it right from my RSS reader. Having the RSS feed for the blog means that I can see the updates in my RSS feeder along with all my other news, which is very convenient because I don’t have to remember to go to a special website to get updates.

  7. The new format is handy and very timely. My suggestion would be that you provide a pictorial somehow of the progress of “The Lois McClure” so that we could envision the distance that the ship has covered.

  8. Thanks for all your comments! We’ll do our best to keep the quality of the posts as high as possible, while still providing timely and regular updates. Feel free to continue sending in your feedback as we keep learning what works best!

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