Girls Only!

Vergennes Middle School Girls Summer Rowing Adventure

Vergennes Girls out on Lake Champlain for the Girls Only Summer Rowing Adventure

This summer, six Vergennes Middle School Girls teamed up with Vermont Teacher of the Year Jen Lawson and LCMM Champlain Longboats trip leader Jessica Frank on a four-day outdoor rowing adventure on Lake Champlain. They started in pilot gigs (six- and eight-oared boats built by high school students in our Champlain Longboats program) below the site of the Crown Point Bridge, camped at DAR State Park, Barn Rock Harbor, Kingsland Bay State Park and finished this challenging adventure at LCMM’s North Harbor.  We congratulate all six participants for their hard work and perseverance. But don’t just take our word for it…

Keyanah Smith,  Grade 9, Vergennes Resident:
It really wasn’t that bad, it was kind of fun, but the food has gotta go. I never would think I could row that much or go to the bathroom outside.

Brook Kilburn, Grade 9, Vergennes Resident
Um, it was disgusting to drink lake water with the tablets in it. Jumping off the side boat was fun. We all didn’t like each other in the beginning but by the end we had bonded. And we even saw a shooting star.

Vergennes Girls on Lake Champlain

Vergennes Girls practice boating skills with Lake Champlain Maritime Museum staff


Emily Weber, Grade 8, Ferrisburgh, VT:
I really enjoyed the trip. It was really fun and I got to know people that I didn’t know from my school. It also encouraged me to try another sport and this year I am on the school’s rowing team. I didn’t think I could last for the whole trip because I thought my arms were too weak but they are okay and I still have my arms today.

Tea’  Kiefer, 8th Grade, Addison, VT:
I really enjoyed meeting all the other girls that went because even though they went to the same school as me I did not know them. I never really thought I could row that much and I learned how to row because I had never rowed a boat like the long boats before. It was a good first experience because I had never slept in a tent before much less go to the bathroom outside.