Dream fulfilled

by Sal Larsen


Sal all smiles on the Churchill
Sal all smiles on the Churchill (photo: Tom Larsen)

Today was a red letter day for me: I got to stand watch on the tugboat.  Standing behind the wheel, I was so excited I thought I’d burst.  Remember the absolute joy you felt as a kid when you got to do something you had only dreamed of?  Well, multiply that feeling by a thousand and you’ll have some idea of how thrilled I was.  It was impossible to stop smiling.

So thank you Roger, Art, Erick and Kerry for teaching me what I needed to know, and for giving me the thrill of a lifetime.  Your generosity embodies the spirit of the whole tour and I am deeply grateful.

Sal Larsen
A graduate of Weslyan University, Sal has been a member of the museum for many years.  This is her first time as a volunteer aboard the Lois, and she has fulfilled a lifelong dream of helping crew on a tugboat.

2 thoughts on “Dream fulfilled”

  1. Go Sal! That must have been really cool. Was it kinda scary steering? I would be scared. Hope you guys are all doing well and having a lot of fun.
    p.s. high school is really fun and going great for me.

  2. Welcome to the tug club Sal. I have to agree, taking the helm watch on the Churchill this summer was the most fun I have had in, well ever. Ask Art, I couldn’t stop smiling no matter how cool I tried to be. Great fun and the best crew a person could want to work with.

    Can’t wait for the next voyage.

    Fair winds to all,

    Kent Strobel

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