Image of books on navigation and charts for Rhode Island

Congrats to the new Captains!

This past Sunday at LCMM, seven new captains tested and passed their coast guard exams to received “Certificates of Seamanship” granted by BoatWise LLC! After a course consisting of 80 class hours over three weekend in November, these students have earned either OUPV and 100 Ton Masters licenses. Our great instructor Rick, from BoatWise, braved Vermont weather on multiple occasions to lead the group though all the material needed to pass the four-part test. Sections of the exam included “rules of the road,” charting problems, and general deck and navigation sections totaling around 150 questions, with the group taking an average of around 5 hours to complete the exam. Happily, all students testing on Sunday passed the course. The new captains may now submit their certificates, along with their documented sea time and other paperwork, to the USGC National Maritime Center to get their licenses.

Congratulations Captains!