The metal may have been hot, but the shop was not. Until now.

LCMM’s sheet metal and bronze casting workshop has gotten an upgrade! The home of our foundry and sheet metal working space will no longer be a summer only facility. LCMM Facilities Manager Chris Hale has been hard at work this fall adding insulation, new walls, and a propane furnace to the shop. These upgrades will permit Bronze Casting Workshops to happen all winter long in a comfortable heated space.

Molten bronze being poured into a sand mold

“The renovations of the casting shop, turning it into a year-round facility with improved access and heat, represents the Museum’s long-term commitment to casting. It opens the door to endless possibilities.to use casting as a vehicle to further our knowledge of the process and where it has a led us. Through hands-on experience, students of all ages can now explore its Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math applications in greater depth.” – Richard Butz, Bronze Casting Instructor

LCMM Facilities Manager Chris Hale works on shop improvements

LCMM’s Metal Arts Shop already hosts adult Workshops, youth Workshops and education programs for groups such as Boy Scouts and high school students, and a week-long Lake Adventure Camp called Heavy Metal Mania. With these improvements many more kids and adults will be able to learn the traditional crafts of casting and metalworking.

Workshops are scheduled for the winter and spring of 2019. Join us! Learn the ancient art of sand casting bronze on January 12th, 2019 as we celebrate the reopening of the shop.  Register for that day or any other at the link below.

Register for Metal Arts Workshops!