And now, back to our scheduled broadcast

Now that we are safely docked in Waterford, we’ll be resuming catching up on events already past.  We had a great time in Rochester, as well as a wonderful long travel back east.  With the events of the tugboat, we tried “real time” updates.  While the writing quality may have suffered a bit, we wanted to keep everyone in the loop as events unfolded.  Feedback on this style of blog update would be much appreciated!

Thank you all for reading, and the support you showed us as we traversed the Mohawk.

7 thoughts on “And now, back to our scheduled broadcast”

  1. I very much appreciated your coverage and pictures of the whole event. Thank you.
    (Kristina and I were once caught in a flash flood in Catskill Creek off the Hudson. We were in a marina when the fire department came around and told us to get off our boat. A few minutes later a floating log took out the floating dock we were tied to, and a lot of others. An exciting night it was.)

    Jack McGinnis

  2. The real time was exciting – will they be able to beat the storm!? – will the repair work!? – did they lose the screw!? – etc. etc.

  3. I have very much enjoyed keeping in touch with your travels through this blog. I have been following your trips by email and then by this blog for nearly two years now. On two occasions we have rented a canal boat; once out near Skaneateles in that region for a week and another time up the Champlain canal from Troy to the Lake. So your place names bring back memories. I’m planning on putting my small sail boat in at Waterford soon for some fall motoring if the weather holds. Thanks for all that you are doing as you travel these most interesting waterways. Bob

  4. I thought the “real time” blog was great. We felt the tension or anticipation as all “boaters” know from time to time. Keep up the good work and safe journey home. xox

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