2014 Captain’s Log, Part 4

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When the canal schooner Lois McClure, towed by the C. L. Churchill, assisted by the inflatable boat Oocher, did head back out of North Cove into the maelstrom of New York City’s busy harbor on August 26th, she waited until 10:00 o’clock, in order to avoid the intensity of rush hour. The water was still rough with water-taxi wakes, but …

Freeze the Balls off a Brass Monkey (& Other Supposedly Nautical Sayings)

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It’s Cold Enough to Freeze the Balls off a Brass Monkey! Perhaps you’ve heard that phrase and thought, “brrrrrr, that sounds cold.” Or perhaps, if you’re like me, you wonderedwhat in heck is a brass monkey?  And why would its anatomy be going anywhere?! Etymologists disagree about this phrase’s origin. (My mind immediately envisions the office of the Oxford English …

Video blog: Whitehall

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The LOIS MCCLURE and C.L. CHURCHILL have left the Tugboat Roundup, with the CHURCHILL being recognized as Tugboat of the Year, and are on their way up through Lake Champlain. Stopping at Plattsburgh for the commemoration of the Battle for Lake Champlain on the 13th and 14th of September, they will continue up into Quebec to share the heritage of …

Video Blog: Waterford

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2014 Captain’s Log, Part 3

lcmm Lois McClure

The canal schooner Lois McClure needed to get an early start from Troy, New York, on August 4th. We were headed only a few miles down the Hudson River to Albany, but our masts had been stepped in Troy, and we needed to slip under the lift bridge just downstream of our berth at low tide in order to take …