Ship’s Log, Schooner Lois McClure: Westport, NY

The crew of the Lois McClure had a great first day today!  We were happy to have calm waters and a smooth ride over to Westport, New York from the Maritime Museum. It was raining most of the day, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the schooner crew!  Thanks to everyone who came out in the rain to tour the boat!

Luckily our second day in Wesport was a lot nicer. We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day, as we showed visitors around the boat.  We had a great time at our first stop in Westport, and we’re excited for the rest of our tour!  Tomorrow we start a long 42 mile voyage to Whitehall, where we’ll enter into the Champlain Canal, beginning our journey through New York States canal system.

A big thanks to our guest interpreters for the weekend, Ernie Haas and Eric Lind. It was great to have you both on board!  Also thank you Tom Dematties for the delicious stew. Our crew was very happy to have it after a busy day of moving and interpreting on the Lois!  Thank you to Westport Marina and the entire Carroll family for hosting us, and also thank you to Meg Tichonuk for bringing us cookies and bagels!  We’ll need them for our early morning tomorrow.