Return to Schuylerville

by Tom Larsen

Docked in Schuylerville
Docked in Schuylerville (photo: Tom Larsen)

This is our 6th year through the Champlain Canal. It is a part of the Lois‘s history now, and we have created some fantastic connections along its length. Schuylerville is just one example of this.

Each year we pass through the canal, we see changes to ports we have stopped at in the past. A pavilion put up here, new gardens there, fresh paint everywhere. Schuylerville is one of the places that we have been able to see develop in a major way through the years.

Dinner at Schuylerville
Dinner at Schuylerville (photo: Tom Larsen)

The first time we stopped in Schuylerville was in 2007. Docked at the wall of C5, the island across the canal was still very wild. When we were back again, two years later in company with the Day Peckingpaugh, the Hudson Crossing Park of today had started to emerge. There was a dock across from the lock, built strong enough for the Lois to berth at, and there were paths cleared through the vegetation of the island from one end to the other. There was a small pavilion put up, and the start of flower gardens along some of the paths. When we came back through in 2010, the paths were graveled, the flowers were thriving, and there was the addition of a slide for kids! Returning in 2011, there was a massive sculpture of a dragonfly waiting for us. Each year we visit, something new has happened. This year, we arrived and were treated to running water on the island!

Music by Olivia
Music by Olivia (photo: Tom Larsen)

One of the treats of the Hudson Crossing Park is the people involved with it. Each year the Lois visits, they put on a dinner for us, and we all get to share stories and great food. This year was no different. Music was provided by a young guitarist, Olivia, and the crew stayed up past our bedtime swapping stories.

Seeing a port change so much over the years is a unique experience, and it generates excitement for a return visit. The board of the Hudson Crossing Park has done some amazing work, and we always enjoy being able to visit Schuylerville.

Special Thanks to:

Tom Larsen
First Mate

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