The Annual Moonlight Row Tradition Continues

By Lisa Percival

Recently, on Thursday, September 12, the museum had its annual moonlight row with members of our Community Rowing clubs and staff. Enjoy this account from museum staff member and Community Rowing Club leader Lisa Percival, and photos from participants Pat Jackson, Kris Jarrett, Andrew Rainville, and Mary Micklas.

In total, we had a group of 29 rowers in three gigs and one skiff, laden with gear, warm clothing, and plenty of food. As we set off from the dock at 6:30 p.m., conditions were wild and blustery, with whitecaps, high winds and large swells but as it turned out, the prediction from NOAA was thankfully correct—the winds quickly died down, leaving mild waters on the row across the lake to the Adirondack lean-to on the NY shore.

When we arrived, thanks to staff member Kris Jarrett, we were greeted by a bonfire already blazing as well as tea lights adorning the rocky pathway from the harbor to the wooden lean-to. Everyone brought food to share, making a festive and totally random buffet of treats.

The nearly-full moon rose shortly after dusk to everyone’s quiet delight.  It was truly stunning.

Eventually, we all cleaned up the site, returned to our boats which were adorned with plenty of lights, slowly rowed back across the lake. The night ended quietly with calm waters, an appreciation of the beauty of Lake Champlain that we have at our fingertips, and a love for our community of rowers.