Let’s Go Fishing!

By Erin Sward

KLJ_2615In March, Ecology Programs Director Elizabeth Lee and I participated in Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department’s Let’s Go Fishing program. In short, the Let’s Go Fishing program is a network of volunteer instructors who encourage and teach people of all ages how to fish. Let’s Go Fishing, emphasizes that fishing is more than just catching fish. Fishing is a great way to educate people about water ecology. By teaching ethics and proper fishing techniques, participants develop an appreciation for Vermont’s fish population and habitat.

KLJ_2656What’s neat about the Let’s Go Fishing program is that there is a direct correlation to the LCMM’s “Messing About With Fish” Adventure Camp for youth ages 7-9, June 20-24 at our Vergennes campus. Becoming certified Let’s Go Fishing volunteers expands our ability to teach fellow fish lovers how to protect our fishy resources. Let’s Go fishing will provide the LCMM with a great collection of fishing rods and activities to add to the snorkeling gear, seine nets and tackle that we already use during school field trips and afterschool programs. These resources, paired with the LCMM’s Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), will give campers the opportunity to look into the deep and identify which fish are swimming where we swim.

KLJ_2517Our thanks to Alison Thomas and Corey Hart at VT Fish and Wildlife Department for running a great training—well-organized, informative, fun and on time! It was nice to meet other Let’s Go Fishing volunteers, including long-time volunteer Karl Hubbard, who helped with LCMM’s watershed education teacher training in 2014. To find out more about Let’s Go Fishing visit VT Fish and Wildlife website.

To register for Messing About with Fish” or other summer programs visit us at LCMM’s website.