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Has your class ever heard a real cannon fire, seen a shipwreck up close, caught plankton, or tested water quality of Lake Champlain? LCMM On-Campus Field Trips are a great opportunity for young explorers to do hands-on learning in history and ecology. 

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The American Revolution in the Champlain Valley

Discover how Benedict Arnold and his fleet changed the course of history in 1776 on Lake Champlain and the Battle of Valcour Island. Participants will learn how the Champlain Valley played a central role as the Northern Theatre of the Revolutionary War. Watch demonstrations in the 18th-century style blacksmith’s shop, try your hand with woodworking tools, and visit the replica Philadelphia II to learn about life on board a gunboat.

Grades: Grade 4 and up 

Max. Students: 48

Where: At the museum 

Duration: 2.5 hours

Program Fee: $9 per student, (minimum fee $150)

Req. Student to Adult Ratio: 10:1
One adult required & free per 10 students. Adults beyond this number are welcome at the student rate.

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ROV Shipwreck Tour

Using a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to Explore Shipwrecks

You and your students take a boat ride on Basin Harbor Club's EScape, and "dive" with a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) on a shipwreck at the bottom of Lake Champlain!

We will explore the Champlain II, a nineteenth-century steamboat that went aground in 1875. We also recommend combining this program with a Self-Guided visit of our site (included in the program fee).

Grades: Grade 3 and up 

Max. Group: 40 (students & adults) 

Where: At the museum 

Duration: 2 hours

Program Fee: $400/trip

Req. Student to Adult Ratio: 10:1

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Lake Ecology

The Ecology of Lake Champlain - Paddling or Rowing Trip

Using our canoes, rowing gigs and science equipment, students study the ecological conditions of Lake Champlain. Groups receive basic boating instructions, and then travel on the water to conduct observations and measurements including collecting and examining plankton samples, catching fish in a seine net, and testing water quality of the lake.

Destinations include the stunning Palisades, the historic confluence of Dead Creek and Otter Creek, and geologically rich Button Island. Ask us about custom trips to your community.

Grades: Paddling: Grade 5 and up, Rowing: Grade 6 and up 

Max. Group: 24 (Paddling), 20 (Rowing

Where: At the museum 

Duration: 4 hours

Program Fee: $20/person (adults and students)

Min. Fee: $300 (Paddling), $150 (Rowing)

Req. Student to Adult Ratio: 10:1 (Paddling), 7:1 (Rowing)

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Self-Guided Visit

Self-designed visits are an excellent option for those of you with large class sizes or broader learning objectives. Students will tour the museum site in small groups led by their own chaperones, exploring any of the twelve exhibit areas.

This option is also available in combination to any of our guided programs. Ask about how you can custom design your own visit.

Duration: Unlimited, 10 am - 5 pm (at least 3 hours recommended)

Grades: All

Max. Group: 150  Minimum: 25

Where: At the museum 

Program Fee: $7 per student, one free adult per 5 students 

30 Minute Lake History Introduction: +$75 (optional) 

Min. Fee: None

Req. Student to Adult Ratio: 5:1

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Multiple or Custom Programs

We pride ourselves on being flexible—we’ll be glad to combine multiple programs into one visit.

In addition to 1776ROV/Shipwreck tours and Lake Ecology, we offer hands-on and demonstration-based programs on the topics listed below. We recommend dividing large classes into smaller groups (max. 10 students) for most activities.

  • Team-Building: Rowing (for grade 6 and over), Group games and activities
  • Metalworking: Blacksmithing, Copper working, Bronze casting
  • Natural History and Human Impact on the Lake
  • Pre-Industrial Technology
  • Terrestrial and Nautical Archaeology
  • Artifact Conservation

Duration: Custom

Grades: All

Max. Group: Custom

Where: Varies 

Program Fee: Please contact us

BSA Merit Badges: LCMM’s registered merit badge counselor can customize programs to meet Boy Scouts of America merit badge requirements.

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