Three students sort inverts in the river

Watershed Science Apprenticeship

Motivated students join us to examine subjects related to watershed science in the Champlain Valley through self-guided research, small group activities, and outings with Museum staff and experts.

The Watershed Science Apprenticeship program consists of 10 sessions for a dozen students from high schools in the Champlain Valley. It is tailored to students who are pursuing flexible pathways to graduation and who are interested in fisheries, aquatic science, and environmental history.

This program is perfect for students invested in their own personalized learning. Students work with the Museum and school advisors to arrange their schedule to participate in course activities.

2020 Program & Schedule

The 2020 Dams in the Champlain Valley program will enlist participating high school students in research about dams in their local areas with the purpose of teaching about the complex history, impact, and management of dams in the Champlain watershed. Students will visit and research dam sites near their school in order to contribute to environmental knowledge within their communities, culminating in a collaborative GIS mapping effort to share information. This project will inform both students and local communities about conservation and stewardship issues relating to dams in their area.

The Watershed Science Apprenticeship takes place during the Spring 2020. In general, there will be outings or activities two to three times per month, usually on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Students are expected to commit to the majority of activities and also to do research and reporting (i.e., a culminating project or presentation).

Upon registration, students will be sent the full syllabus and will be contacted with more scheduling information.

This program is funded in part by Lake Champlain Basin Program.


Matt Harrison is the Museum’s Educations Program Manager, specializing in environmental history. Matt spearheaded our Stem to Stern curriculum and also leads after-school, summer camp, and Watershed Science programs. Matt is also a crew member on our replica schooner Lois McClure.

Elizabeth Lee is the Museum’s Director of Education and Interpretation. She has an MS in Environmental Science from SUNY Plattsburgh. Elizabeth has been for many years a licensed NYS outdoor Guide, and has for decades led experiential outdoor education programs for all ages.

Watershed Science Student Interest Form
Registration for this program will open soon! If you are an interested student or have questions, please fill out this form and we will be in touch.