Ice Cream Adventures

by Isaac Parker
August 21, 2011

Pete and Melissa
Pete and Melissa, our wonderful chauffeurs

Shortly after arriving at Plattsburgh, a good portion of the crew left to go back to LCMM for the 18th Century Crafts and Trades event.  The rest of us prepared the boat for its weekend open to the public.  After dinner, Ship, Tom and I decided to go find the local place for ice cream.  As we were walking across the parking lot, we stopped to ask a couple where the nearest ice cream parlor was.  They told us that the one most likely to satisfy our cravings was not within walking distance.  However, they quickly offered to clean out their back seat and give us a ride.  The three of us piled into the back seat and found out that our chauffeurs, Pete and Melissa, were avid museum goers and history enthusiasts.  They took us on a nice route, giving us a tour of the city on the way.  Arriving at the ice cream parlor, we found a huge variety of flavors and types, including a flavor titled “Jamaican Reindeer.”  While none of us were brave enough to try that, we still had quite the pick.  After we received our orders of ice cream, Pete and Melissa took us back to the boat.

Ship giving Pete and Melissa a tour
Ship giving Pete and Melissa a tour after we all returned from ice cream

As a thank you for their kindness, we gave them a behind the scenes tour, showing them what life aboard is like for us while on tour.  They were extremely interested, and even came back during our open hours on the weekend.  Thank you so much, Pete and Melissa, for your kindness in helping the crew get their ice cream fix.

Isaac Parker
A sophomore at Mount Abraham Union High School, Isaac returns for his second year of volunteering aboard the Lois McClure.