Fine dining in Ilion

We pulled into Ilion and were greeted with open arms by the Ilion Marina and RV Park.  We quickly were tied up and had our display panels out and water tanks being filled in record time.  When the question of dinner was raised, we decided to head to the Joe’s Dockside Cafe and were greeted with a buffet of spaghetti and meatballs made especially for us by the owners.  Once we had eaten our fill, our waitress, Lill, came out and told us about the dessert menu – deep fried Oreos and Twinkies.

Kent and Tom dig into deep fried Oreos
Kent and Tom dig into deep friend Oreos (photo: Kathleen Carney)

There was some quick consulting, and Kent and I decided to split an order of the Oreos.  I did a double take when they came out and were set on the table, dripping with grease. However, after seeing Kent take a bit and not be any worse for wear, I dove in and was treated to a surprise!  While rather greasy, the sugar and oil was a pretty tasty combination.  Upon seeing us demolishing the cookies, Art decided to spring for one of the deep fried Twinkies and was soon singing its praise as well (he got a few others to try a piece of it).  It was a memorable experience.

Tom Larsen
AB Crew