Field School Visits Ticonderoga

Courtesy of the South Lake Champlain Fund,  at the mid-point of our field school, we went on a field trip to Whitehall to visit the ship remains of the USS Ticonderoga and the Fort Ticonderoga. At the USS Ticonderoga we gained perspective of our bits of wood in Basin Harbor and how they might relate to an entire shipwreck site. We could see the length of keelsons and sister keelsons and the potential of a robust ship-shape. We were regaled with stories of past successful LCMM field schools and chatted with locals about the summer tours of the Lois McClure. Later, when we walked into the center of the Fort Ticonderoga we looked at artifacts from the French, British, Native American, and American local histories. 

I’ve personally enjoyed about half a dozen dives a week with our Team on the Basin Harbor mystery wreck, permitted by the Vermont State Historic Preservation Office. It certainly continues to confound us! 
I’d like to thank our participants Richard Hendren for his professional equipment-fix skills and photogrammetry savviness, Scott Baroody for his smooth diving skill and sharp observations, to our Coordinator Allyson Ropp for thinking through all the details and to Chris Sabick for his thorough insights and sense of humor. 
Many thanks Team!
Jenny Craig