Community Connections: Whitehall

July 26

An elderly couple came aboard the Lois McClure in Whitehall.  The gentleman said he was a lifelong farmer.  He talked in glowing terms about his life, how devoted he was to his land.  After making a few rounds, on deck and below, he realized he realized that our life in a canal schooner has its own glow and its own devotees. He had a good time realizing that people who follow the water can be as wrapped up in their environment and lifestyle as he is, in a different environment and lifestyle.

And so it has been throughout history: farmers and sailors living on one planet, absorbed with land or absorbed with water. On that day, the Lois McClure brought us together.

Roger Taylor
The captain of Lois McClure, Roger Taylor comes to us as a twenty-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, former Editorial Director of the U.S. Naval Institute, Annapolis, MD, and founder of the International Marine Publishing Co. in Camden, ME. He is the author of seven books and many articles on boat design and seamanship. In 1991 he skippered the museum’s first large replica, the Revolutionary War Gunboat Philadelphia II, and has been captain of Lois McClure since her Inaugural Tour in 2004. He now resides with his wife Kathleen on their other canal boat Water Lily in Paris, France.

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