GlassBarge Tour

image of Lois McClure at dock.

From Lyons to Fairport, NY!

Crewman Connor doshan reports they had a few long days of transit before arriving in Fairport, NY. They switched the tug to the starboard side of the Lois (had been on the Port or left side) before beginning our journey so we could easily dock on the left side of the canal in Fairport. They …

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Lois McClure in Amsterdam, NY

The Hottest Show in Town

When you travel with the GlassBarge, you’re definitely traveling with the hottest show in town. The furnaces blast away at 2,100 degrees with molten glass, ready to be gathered on the end of a blowpipe and turned into amazing pieces of art. As you travel up the Erie Canal the glass blowers, also known as …

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