Corporate Sponsors Help Us Build Community

By Lauren Ross, Director of Development

The Museum has thousands of individuals from Vermont, New York, New England and across the country who are loyal members and provide us with the financial stability that allows us to serve our community. Every year we receive funding from federal and state sources, as well as private foundations.

So why is it important to the Museum to have support from the business community too? And why is it important for businesses to support nonprofits?

Since its founding in 1985 the Museum has partnered with local businesses. Many have given generous financial support or in-kind donations.

When a business says “Yes, I want to support the Museum” and pledges a gift to the Museum, they are saying “I care about the community my business serves.” Supporting the Museum and other nonprofits in the area makes that important statement. It’s good business.

This year, the Museum is opening for free, and businesses want to get behind that initiative. We wanted to take a moment to highlight and thank them for helping us and our community this year.

Scott Boardman, President of Hickok and Boardman Insurance Group, signed his company up to be a sponsor. He did it in conjunction with the firm’s 200th Anniversary celebration. With a gift at the level they gave, all the employees become members of the Museum. We hope to welcome many of them on site at the Museum this summer.

Lee Dowgiewicz, CEO of Co-operative Insurance Companies, signed his company up for sponsorship too. This summer a team from the company will come to the Museum for a team-building rowing outing in our youth-built longboats.

Performance Food Service of Burlington (formerly Reinhart Foodservice) renewed their support for the Museum this year for the third year in a row. They will also donate food for a cocktail party when it is safe to do such things (hopefully) later in the summer.

The farmers of Cabot Creamery Co-operative donated cheese for our kids at summer camp and became a sponsor. Jackman Fuels, IPJ Real Estate and Diamond Island Yacht Club all gave sponsorship gifts to help us keep the Museum free for everyone. And our newest sponsor, C5BDI (located in Virginia Beach, VA) gave because one of their employees loves Vermont and recommended that they donate to the Museum.

The business-nonprofit connection is important because it means that together we are building a stronger community. It means we are partners in providing opportunities to local youth to learn new things, discover history, and connect with the lake. We are helping to create an environment where everyone in our communities can grow, develop and have fun!

If you would like to learn more about corporate sponsorship opportunities with us, contact Lauren Ross, Director of Development, at LaurenR@lcmm.org or 802-475-2022 x115