Committing to World Water Day 2019

Today is World Water Day, a global observance of the importance of freshwater. Not only is access to water a human right, it is also essential to our work at Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. Whether it’s getting on the water and learning from the lake or getting in the water and discovering our history through Lake Champlain’s shipwrecks, clean water allows us to work, play, and thrive in our region. 

At Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, we explore the relationship between the land, the water, and the people of the Lake Champlain region throughout our shared history and into the future. We are stewarding our water system and inspiring people to make a personal commitment to building a healthy Lake Champlain for the future. I hope you will join us at the Museum this summer to create a stronger Lake Champlain with us.

Susan Evans McClure, LCMM Executive Director