Career Day at Knowlton Academy Elementary School

On March 10th LCMM Underwater Archaeologist Jennifer Craig  was invited to Career Day at Knowlton Academy Elementary School. Approximately 70 students aged 11-13 attended this event. The Principal Renalee Gore provided the students with 30 different career options by inviting professionals from various walks of life.

The intention was for students to appreciate the education and perseverance that goes into career development. As an underwater archaeologist Jennifer enticed students to remain in the sciences with focus on mathematics, chemistry and physics so that they might be able to one day enjoy the mysteries of human-made objects underwater.

The students asked many questions such as “how do you see underwater?” and were promptly invited to join our Lake Adventure  Camps. Another question was about “how can you tell its a shipwreck and what kind?” that question entailed a much longer response on Jennifer’s 3 degrees and years of experience in the scientific recording of shipwrecks with SCUBA diving.

Join us for Lake Adventure Camps this summer; learn to snorkel, look for fish, and much more!