Teen Expedition COVID-19 Safety Protocols

The leadership team at Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, in accordance with guidelines provided by the State of Vermont’s Agency of Commerce and Community Development, the Vermont Department of Health, and the CDC, has introduced the following working list of safety protocols to allow expeditions to proceed this summer. We will review and revise these protocols regularly as the situation progresses. In the event that the State changes the guidelines we may have to modify or cancel the trip.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nick Patch at NickP@lcmm.org.

We will be limiting all expeditions to 10 participants maximum.

We have modified the Champlain Discovery program to eliminate the day camp kayak-building portion of the experience and instead will embark on a two week overnight kayak expedition.

We have modified the Expedition Champlain program to be a kayaking expedition to ensure that all participants maintain the recommended 6’ social distance.

Pre-Expedition Protocols

  • Per state guidelines, out of state participants need to quarantine in Vermont for two weeks prior to expedition start date
  • All expedition participants and families are recommended to shelter in place and limit public activity for two weeks prior to expedition start date. Families working essential jobs should follow workplace best practices to reduce the likelihood of exposure.
  • We strongly recommend all expedition participants and their household be tested for COVID-19 at least 10 days prior to expedition start date in addition to following best quarantine procedures.
  • Participants and household members are recommended to keep an activity or contact log to document their activity and interactions over the two weeks prior to expedition start date.
  • All expedition staff are required to take mandatory COVID-19 training provided by VOSHA.

Expedition Drop-Off Protocols

  • On the expedition start date, we will be staggering participant drop off. You will receive further instructions about your drop off time by email from a member of our team.
  • All individuals are asked to wear a mask during participant drop off.
  • We will conduct a health screening for all staff and participants upon arrival. This screening will include a temperature check, review for any COVID-19 symptoms, and a brief review of participant and household activities in the two weeks prior. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 will be sent home immediately.
  • All participants will be trained in face masks and hygiene protocols, including hand washing and hand sanitizer use, daily health checks, and cleaning

On Expedition Protocols

  • There will be no contact with people outside of the expedition group. If necessary, only staff will make contact, remaining socially distant and then will use hand sanitizer promptly.
  • Temperatures will be taken daily. If someone has a fever of over 100.4 the trip will stop. The person with the fever will be evacuated by parents, as will the rest of the group.
  • Staff will wear face masks whenever feasible.
  • Staff and participants will wear face masks when closer than 6 feet to other people.
  • Due to the outdoor, on water nature of these expeditions, we will make hand sanitizer readily available at all times when running water and soap are not accessible.
  • Hand sanitizer will be used before and after any group activity
  • Hand sanitizer will be used after any visit to a public restroom or after using an outdoor toilet
  • Participants and staff will each sleep in their own single tents
  • Only those assigned cooking responsibilities and staff are allowed in cooking areas
  • Participants will use and wash their own plate, bowl and cutlery

End of Expedition Pick-Up Protocols

  • Participant parent or guardians are required to pick up their participant at the haul-out site. You will receive information about the haul-out site by email
  • We will also stagger pick-up times for participants. This information will also be communicating in advance by email along with haul-out site location.
  • All individuals are asked to wear a mask during participant pick up.