Welcome Matt Harrison!

My name is Matt Harrison, and I am one of three new AmeriCorps member serving at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum this year. I’ve been on the move since my graduation from Carleton College, developing new skills and learning a lot about the world. I studied history in school, but have since been in and out of the environmental education field and the National Park Service. I enjoy the intersections of science and the humanities, finding many of them in outdoor education.

I have worked with a variety of educational programs over the last few year, learning practical teaching skills and finding that I enjoy working with kids. My teaching has taken me from urban spaces in Boston to classes on Wyoming mountaintops and oceanographic fieldwork at sea. Gathering, creating, and sharing knowledge seems to be what I’m about.

I made my first tall ship voyage in 2012 and it catapulted me into the maritime world.  Having grown up surrounded by small lake boats in Minnesota, I was enchanted by life aboard a large oceangoing vessel. Since then I have sought opportunities to sail and mess around on the water. I love my time on the oceans, but the country’s great inland waters are particularly dear to my heart.

I was delighted to find so many of my interests encompassed in the mission of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. I was even more excited when I found out I would be coming to Vermont to participate! So far, I’ve been helping support education programs at the museum and helping to develop exciting new exhibits and curriculum. As the seasons change, I hope to get back outside with students and foster appreciation for beautiful Vermont and its history. In my first few months, I’ve already extended my experience in new and unexpected ways and am grateful to be here.