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Caring for your Canal Schooner in the Winter (and sometimes during a pandemic)

By Evan Wing, Replica Fleet Coordinator Winter, 1870, Whitehall, New York: you rise early to bank up the fire in your stove and help your mother set the small table for breakfast. Five of you share the same living space: a small, single-room cabin maybe eighty to a hundred feet square. Your parents are afforded …

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From Tree to Stick: A New Mast for Lois

Wood is a deceptively challenging medium to work with: easy enough for a first-time builder to work with, yet with a learning curve so steep and so broad that no carpenter could ever seriously claim to know absolutely everything about it. And while the tools have improved and techniques debated and refined, the basic principles and traditions behind woodworking have remained unchanged for millennia.

Captain’s Blog, part 5

At Cape Vincent, at the upper end of the St. Lawrence River, on August 22nd, we converted the Lois McClure from a “standard canal boat,” one that has no propulsion of its own, to a sailing canal boat. With the help of a crane truck (courtesy of Rick Evans and Evans Crane) on the dock, …

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The Captain’s Log, Part 2

The last Captain’s Log ended on June 12th, when we had been delayed for two days in Waterford at the east end of the Erie Canal due to high water. Well, here it is July 8th, and we are still delayed in Waterford due to high water, or, at least, the effects of high water. …

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