Students row in a longboat on Lake Champlain

Through a collaborative process, we are excited to introduce a new logo for the Museum that reflects the essence of all our work: Lake Champlain.

The lake is pivotal to our education programs about the water, on the water, or by the water. It is a focal point in our regional history. The lake is the grounds and training space for our archaeological work and research. Lake Champlain is where we bring youth and adults together around boat building, rowing, kayaking, and sailing to grow as leaders.

The Museum’s new logo and brand emphasizes the importance of Lake Champlain through text and graphic identity, pairing the importance of words with a visual representation of the lake. The logo was designed internally and will be rolled out February through March 2020.

This logo represents all the facets of Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. We look forward to sharing it with you!

If you have questions or would like to request a copy of the Museum’s new logo, please contact Meg Salocks, Director of Marketing and Engagement at meg@lcmm.org.