Beginner’s Boating Skills

Calling all boaters! Calling all boaters! Calling all boaters! Are you prepared for sailing through a gale? Are you comfortable with docking between other boats? Do you know what the navigation markers mean? What do you do in a man-overboard situation? Do you know how to safely get in and out of a canoe? Are you prepared for all occasions when going out on the lake?

Whether you answered yes or no to these questions there is always more to learn. So grab your PFDs, grab your sunglasses, grab your hats, grab your sunscreen, grab your paddle, grab your oars, and join LCMM staff in an Beginner’s Boating Skills Camp!

During this camp, you will get to paddle, sail, row, and drive the many different boats in LCMM’s fleet. We have everything from canoes to pilot gigs to small motor boats. Test your skills docking all these boats and maneuvering around different obstacles and other boaters on the lake. Our excellent staff, headed by Jeff Hindes, will guide you through the answers to questions above and more! Matt Witten, our sailing led, says “this is a once-in-lifetime opportunity to learn how to handle a variety of boats with master captain Jeff Hindes and other LCMM instructors. Nowhere else in our region can you get an equivalent immersion in rowing, paddling, and sailing traditional vessels, as well as getting lots of hours in using power boats. If you want to be competent out on the water in a wide range of situations, this is the experience for you!” At the end of the camp, you can receive your VT Boater’s Card and get out on the lake all summer!

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