Winter Adventure Camp 2018

Kris Jarrett Camps Workshops and Expeditions

Feature Image: Winter Adventure Campers in 2018 looking back at their counterparts in the Roost, Camp Marbury, 1926 (historic image courtesy Vermont Historical Society) What a week of Winter Adventures we had! Despite the lack of snow cover for a Vermont February, we spent plenty of time outside exploring the frozen landscape, its plants, animals, weather, and even life under …

image of kids in the snow

FUSION: ‘Winter Stories’

Erin King Education

This month we wrapped up another great FUSION session at Vergennes Union Elementary School. Our topic was ‘Winter Stories’. Each day the group gathered to read a story, book or poem and discuss the content. Then, we ventured out into the chilly temperatures to do an activity based on what we read. We tracked footprints in the snow after reading …

Winter Coverings

lcmm General

by Tom Larsen Every winter the time comes when the snow falls and the boats must be buttoned up for the winter.  Each boat has its own particularities for covering – some only need a quick wrapping with a tarp (the pilot gigs), others must have an entire structure built over them which is then covered with a particular type …