C.L. Churchill

A Final Reflection of the 2011 Farm, Forest and Fishery Tour

by Art Cohn The now familiar post-tour transition to winter is almost complete. The Lois returned to her winter berth at King Street and the Churchill is back at her long familiar winter quarters at the Shelburne Shipyard. We are developing a list of maintenance chores for these two hard-working wooden boats and hoping that …

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Winter Coverings

by Tom Larsen Every winter the time comes when the snow falls and the boats must be buttoned up for the winter.  Each boat has its own particularities for covering – some only need a quick wrapping with a tarp (the pilot gigs), others must have an entire structure built over them which is then …

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Tugboat fix!

Last we left you with the tugboat, the propeller and driveshaft were in a sorry state – they broke in Lock 10, and we managed to piece them back together to get us to Waterford safely.  Now, time to fix the issue correctly. What happened was the shaft that goes through the hull and drives …

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Dream fulfilled

by Sal Larsen   Today was a red letter day for me: I got to stand watch on the tugboat.  Standing behind the wheel, I was so excited I thought I’d burst.  Remember the absolute joy you felt as a kid when you got to do something you had only dreamed of?  Well, multiply that …

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Tugboat End Result

The Churchill is fixed! Erick, Andy, Kerry and Art put in a wrenching frenzy and got it all back together with the machining assistance of Bob Bailey in the Canal Corp’s Waterford machine shop.  Thanks to everyone involved in this process!  We’re leaving early tomorrow morning and hoping to make it to the top of …

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Tugboat Update

The new key is getting machined! Stay tuned for more updates!

News Flash!

I write as the last light of day is fading to the west and we are temporarily forced to stop in Lock E10 on the Erie Canal. Today has seemed so significant in its adventures, trials, and rewards, that I wanted to share it with you in “real time” (or as close as we can …

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Erick and the Axe

Anyone who has been following the adventures of the Lois McClure knows that Erick Tichonuk is the schooner’s First Mate, or Chief Mate, as he would be called in the Merchant Marine. Captain Theodore Bartley had no such luxury in 1862; canal boat captains had to be their own first mate (and boatswain and ship’s …

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