boat repair

Repair work in progress on Osprey

What is old is new again: Repair work for Osprey

By Nick Patch, Champlain Longboats Director In addition to our ongoing student boat building work in the boat shop, our students, staff, and volunteers have been busy repairing other boats in the Champlain Longboats fleet this winter.  This week, volunteers John Woodbury and Wendy Lynch are replacing the two top planks and gunwales on the …

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From Tree to Stick: A New Mast for Lois

Wood is a deceptively challenging medium to work with: easy enough for a first-time builder to work with, yet with a learning curve so steep and so broad that no carpenter could ever seriously claim to know absolutely everything about it. And while the tools have improved and techniques debated and refined, the basic principles and traditions behind woodworking have remained unchanged for millennia.