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Valcour: Teaching the American Revolution through Archaeology


Chris Sabick - 802-475-2022 x110


LCMM campus, Valcour Island, Arnold's Bay


July 5 - July 7, 2018

Registration closes: June 21


1 Credit through Castleton University (optional) 


$600 ($775 with 1 credit)

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Course Description

October, 1776, a few months after the Declaration of Independence Benedict Arnold throws together a small but scrappy naval fleet on Lake Champlain. His mismatched force quickly moves to battle the British at a place called Valcour Island.

Join Lake Champlain Maritime Museum on the water for an adventure to Valcour Bay, where a pivotal battle of the Revolutionary War took place. During this three-day course, participants will examine archaeological resources and consider how they influence the creation of historical knowledge. This course is centered around an on-water exploration of the Valcour battlefield with LCMM archeologists and will culminate in the creation of an archaeology lesson plan.

Thursday, July 5: 8am – 3 pm
An introduction to historical resources at LCMM, with discussion of historical background and lesson plans.

Friday, July 6; 8am – 5 pm
All-day field trip to Valcour Island, with talk and discussion of marine archaeology on the water, led by LCMM archaeologist Chris Sabick.

Saturday, July 7; 8am – 2 pm
Back on-site at LCMM to collaborate and produce lesson plans featuring archaeological resources. Course will conclude with group presentations.


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