Special Topics in Lake Champlain Natural History

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Special Topics in Lake Champlain Natural History


Elizabeth Lee - 802-475-2022 x102

Matthew Witten - 802-475-2022 x106

Invited guests


LCMM and surrounding sites on Lake Champlain and local tributaries


August 6-10, 2018


1 to 3 Credits through Castleton University (pending)

  • $200 for one day.
  • $375 for 2 days ($550 with 1 credit).
  • $550 for 3 days ($725 with 1 credit).
  • $725 for 4 days ($1050 with 2 credits).
  • $950 for 5 days ($1400 with 3 credits).

Choose any day(s) in any order. No additional administrative fees. See schedule below.

Maximum Enrollment:

12 (per day)

Course Description

This is a hands-on science course focusing on the natural history and ecology of Lake Champlain, its watershed, and other similar freshwater ecosystems. The course is presented in modular fashion, i.e., each day is stand-alone if so desired. The suite of modules offers a unique overview of freshwater ecology of the region and also offers an exciting variety of field-science activities and research to pursue with students.

  • Day 1: Geology - the fossil record and the scale of time.
  • Day 2: Phytoplankton - primary production and diatoms.
  • Day 3: Zooplankton - population dynamics and diel migration.
  • Day 4: Freshwater mussels - vulnerable life histories and endangered species.
  • Day 5: Identifying and Understanding Lake Champlain Fish.

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Coming in 2019: Symposium on Samuel de Champlain, in anticipation of a 2020 excursion entitled Roots of Champlain—a professional development course including sites in France, Quebec and the Lake Champlain Valley.

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