Special Topics in Lake Champlain Natural History

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Special Topics in Lake Champlain Natural History

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Kamp Kill Kare State Park, Burton Island, St. Albans Bay, Mississquoi River and nearby sites.


July 15-19, 2019


1 to 3 Credits through Castleton University (optional)

  • $200 for one day.
  • $375 for 2 days ($550 with 1 credit).
  • $550 for 3 days ($725 with 1 credit).
  • $725 for 4 days ($1050 with 2 credits).
  • $950 for 5 days ($1400 with 3 credits).

Choose any day(s) in any order. No additional administrative fees. See schedule below.

Maximum Enrollment:

15 (per day)

Course Description

This course is being taught through a partnership with St. Albans Museum and Kamp Kill Kare State Park, and has been supported in part by funds from the Lake Champlain Basin Program.

This is a hands-on science course focusing on the natural history and ecology of Lake Champlain, its watershed, and other similar freshwater ecosystems. The course is presented in modular fashion, i.e., each day is stand-alone if so desired. The suite of modules offers a unique overview of freshwater ecology of the region and also offers an exciting variety of field-science activities and research to pursue with students.

July 8, 2019:  We are excited that this course has gotten such great response!  The 5 day/3 credit option is no longer available but 1-3 day options are still open.  Please email the Course Contact Elizabeth Lee to check availability before registering.

Daily schedule:

  • Day 1: Natural communities—flood plain forests, bogs and shorelines.
  • Day 2: Water Chemistry –nutrients, good and bad.
  • Day 3: Phytoplankton and zooplankton up close.
  • Day 4: Freshwater mussels - vulnerable life histories and endangered species.
  • Day 5: Identifying and Understanding Lake Champlain fish.

Daily schedule is subject to change. Please contact Elizabeth Lee if you have questions before registering for single day participation.

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